11 Lucky Top Hats

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We all have those lucky trinkets. For some people it is a penny on the pavement. For others it is a necklace or even a pair of socks.

These charmed items always seem to make us feel a bit luckier when we carry them with us.

I like to think our custom made top hats are lucky. We take an old top hat, a hat we haven't quite found the right head for, and turn it into a piece of art.

Here are the newest designs

11 Lucky Custom Made Top Hats

These one of a kind epic hats all have a unique style. Each one carries an element of luck. It is just a matter of what charm calls out to you. 
Watch the vlog of the making of these hats, Lucky Top Hats
Have a perfectly topped off day 
And Remember...
Luck is only believing you are lucky! 
Amanda Malabad 

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