A Family Christmas

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With just a few days before Christmas, I can't help but to look around and see all the beauty that surrounds this season. From frost covered tree tops, to the snow covered ground, there is beauty to be seen everywhere you look. 

This year the Malabads are spending Christmas in North Muskegon, Michigan. It is beautiful here! The two day drive from Kingman to Muskegon was long and tiring but worth every mile. We passed the hours by listening to classic rock music for dad, Luke. We listened to some Christmas music for mom, Lisa. We listened to an audio book, Origins by Dan Brown, Zack's pick. And finished the road trip with listening to my favorite musical soundtrack, Across the Universe. Twenty-eight hours later we arrived at Grandpa Engle's house. 

Muskegon is home away from home for the Malabad family. Zack and his older brother, Lucas, spent many summers here with their grandparents. Even Lisa has many fond childhood memories with her family here in Michigan. 

This is my first time visiting Michigan. After being here these last few days, I now know why this old town is such a treasure to the family. There is so much history here. From to old factory buildings to the shoreline of Lake Michigan, Muskegon has that small town charm all around. 

This year, Christmas is special. We are able to connect with extended family on Lisa's side. Lucas and Charity and their two girls, Eliana and Abigail, are traveling from Maryland to be here for the weekend through Christmas day. We will all be together, enjoying the family traditions. For this, I am truly thankful. I am very thankful to be here; to be surrounded by such a loving family. This is the magic of Christmas.

May the peace and blessing of Christmas be yours; and may the coming year be filled with happiness. 

Amanda Malabad 










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