A Hattast-ique Halloween

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It is that time of year again. The neighborhood streets will be filled with ghosts, witches and terrifying creatures. This is not the time to be afraid. It is time to embrace the spirit of Halloween!

"All Hallow's Eve"

Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic celebration "All Hallows Day", a three day long festival honoring the Saints and the faithfully departed. Over the centuries new traditions have taken place. But over all, the meaning still remains. Halloween is a time for honoring the dead.

A Hattast-ique Halloween

As a kid, this day was always one of my favorite holidays. Maybe it was the candy, maybe it was the games or even dressing up as my favorite person, whatever the reason, Halloween remains one of my favorite days of the year! 

I usually begin my Halloween season at the end of September; when the leaves start to fall and there's a chill in the air, I can't help but to get excited! I pull out my small box of Halloween decorations. I pull out all my scary movies. And for the next month, everyday is Halloween!

We all have our different traditions and ways of celebrating this day. Whether you are dressing up to go to a costume party or dressing up to match your kids to go trick or treating, Hattast-ique has all the costume accessories you are looking for! We have cowboy hats for the cowboys! We have pirate hats for the pirates! We have necklaces and wrist wraps! And of course we have top hats for all the unique costumes out there! 

Browse through our website and find exactly what you are looking for! 



"As the darkness now draws near,
See the cycle of the year,
As the light now goes within,
Let the Hallows dance begin."



Have a safe and happy Halloween!

Amanda Malabad 




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