A Perfectly Topped Off Weekend!

hattast-ique perfectlytoppedoff

Anyone who has owned a small business knows that it is a non-stop process and requires hard work, focus, and a plan.  Every couple of months we brainstorm and re-evaluate what is working and what we need to change and the areas we need to improve.  As we start 2018 we thought it would be a great time to sit down and have a Hattast-ique weekend of planning.

The weekend started off with a photo shoot by Malabad Images and it was the first time we have gotten a picture of the entire Hattast-ique crew in one place.  The Arizona landscape and perfect weather made the whole event a success.  We had some perfectly topped off fun with different locations and outfits and can't wait to share with everyone what we were up to.

The days were spent with each of us sharing our vision of where we saw the business going and then bringing that together to create our current vision for 2018 and the future.  We had some creative sessions to dream of what we could add to our collection and then how we might put those dreams into action.  This gave us a springboard to try some new ideas and we are excited to see if any of them produce the next thing we just love.  We may have some failed experiments on the way to figuring it out, but that is part of the journey. 

While it was a very productive weekend for Hattast-ique it was not with out our usual Hattast-ique fun!  It was laughter and setting the serious aside at the end of the day and enjoying each other's company.  That is one of the biggest perks of doing a small family business, you work hard, but it is with the people you love and at the end of the day you can celebrate together and create together.

Thanks for following us on our journey!

Charity Malabad


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