A Steampunk Poem: To Be Human

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To Be Human


Standing still, stealing time 

Watching this world pass me by

Am I human or am I robot? 


I'm wide awake as I process this thought

Conflicted by these feelings I fought

Do I choose what I feel? 

Do I feel what I choose? 

Can I understand what it is like to walk in your shoes? 


This whirl of emotion

This world spinning in motion

Am I human or am I robot? 


Wanting to fly, losing all grip 

Floating away in this airship 

Or drowning in a sea

Sinking in a submarine 

These chaotic feelings often control me


And as time passes I am growing 

I AM human, I  will decide where I am going. 


Have a perfectly topped off steampunk day!

Amanda Malabad 


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