Adventures Of Hattast-ique!

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The start of 2017 brought new goals, new adventures, and the prospect of a bright future ahead of us. The early months of the new year were spent planning, organizing, and working hard to prepare for the busy season to come.

Spring is a time of new life and for us that meant springing into action all the planning and organizing.  This spring we attended our first event of the year, Daytona Bike Week. Daytona is the best way to begin the rally season. Not only do we experience the best of Florida but we always stay with family, and that is a wonderful time! We set up at the Boothill Saloon next to Strip Club Choppers and got to reconnect with some friendly vendors.  Meeting other vendors and getting to know each other through the events we work makes the long days that much better.  We have met some incredible people in our rally travels! After the long hours at the booth we spent a few nights out on the town. We were able to see a few different bands, the highlight was seeing Jasmine Cain and Hairball in the same night, it was epic! After nine days of working hard and having fun it was time to pack it all up and head back home to Colorado. 

Next up was Phoenix Bike Fest. The state of Arizona is quickly becoming a family favorite, as we are hoping to make a move there in the near future.  Needless to say Arizona is beautiful!  The weather was perfect and accompanied by the friendly people we met at the event it was a tremendous success. We were set up at the Peoria Sports Complex. This was the first year this location was open for the fest, of course this makes vendors nervous, but this location was a hit! We loved it! 

It is hard to believe that we are approaching May already, but we are so ready for all the traveling that is ahead of us!



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