Business Goals For Hattast-ique!


Whether it is a bike rally, music festival, rodeo, Christmas show...when you find yourself bumping into the Hattast-ique booth and crew our hope is that you walk away feeling better than before you stepped in.  Our goal is that we create a place of fun with the kind of retail experience that will have you wanting to stop by to say hi each time you see our booth.  You should have fun and remember the characters (family) working the booth.

We don't prohibit NOR charge for pictures with our hats.  You are ALL our best advertisement.  We WILL likely ask you to tag us or take a picture with you and ask your permission to post it...that is our strongest pressure, lol. When we built our company we all sat around and talked about our best and worst "retail" experiences.  We committed to never doing the things we really disliked in retail and promised to excel at what we loved in retail. 

It's not complicated really.  The formula is this:  offer help, have fun!  That is it!  Not hard right?  As founder of this company I am so proud that even though we are a young company (3rd year) we have repeat customers that seek us out at every event.  Some come back for new items, but most come back because they had such a great time with us. 

Here is the purchase decision in a nutshell.  You are planning to buy something and looking for quality OR you are just having a fun time. At Hattast-ique, we love both types.  Why you ask?  You would think that we really only want the "intend to buy" folks.  But you know what?  If John and Sue come in and are just having a fun time, take pictures and enjoy being with us...when they ARE ready to buy, they will likely remember us. 

Business success is an amazing balance of reputation and quality goods.  We have both.  Of that I am 100% positive. So if you're in the market for an amazing hat OR just want to have fun....stop by and see us at any event, we would love to see you!


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