California Wildfire Disaster and How Hattast-ique Wants To Help!

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It has certainly felt like a year of natural disasters for the United States, from hurricanes to wildfires there are several states and territories that have been devastatingly affected.  Currently Southern California is being hit with several wildfires that have forced over 200,000 people from their homes.  The Thomas wildfire being one of the largest that is currently burning has claimed over 150,000 acres, countless homes and businesses are gone, and the fire is still wreaking havoc. 

It has been a brutal fire season for California and there are currently thousands of fire fighters trying to save land, homes, pets, and people.  Not only does this strain the men and women trying to save so much, the economy will suffer due to loss of businesses, homes,  and the amount of manpower it is taking trying to tackle these natural disasters.

Just thinking about all the people who have lost their homes and have to rebuild makes a difficult situation that much worse.  As I finalize my last minute Christmas shopping, my heart aches for those who now have a difficult road ahead of them.  My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the natural disasters this year and all the fire fighters and first responders that have tried so hard in the face adversity whether it is a hurricane, fire, or other natural disaster.

As we enter the season of giving it is important to us that Hattast-ique gives back, especially in a year that has been so trying for so many.  That is why this week we are donating 10% of our profits to the SPCA and The American Red Cross for the California fires.  This will be happening for all sales during the week of December 11 through December 15.  So if you were thinking about getting an amazing hat or accessory for someone on your holiday list this would be a great time to do that.  Not only would you be getting a gift, but you would be helping those in need while completing your Christmas shopping.

To those who have been affected by any natural disaster this year our hearts go out to you.    

Charity Malabad

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