Carpe Diem!

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We all have hopes and dreams.  We have this idea of how we picture our life unfolding.  In order for any of our aspirations to even come close to being accomplished, we have to fight tooth and nail with hard work, determination, and focus for them to become reality.  Nothing just appears overnight.  So much easier said than done, right?  So we put them off, we think that tomorrow we will start to fight for what we want.  Tomorrow we will have that motivation.

I was given a brutal reminder this week to follow those dreams NOW.  Start today for tomorrow could just be too late.  None of us know the day or hour that we will be called from this earth and will you have done what speaks to you?  I call everyone to seize the day and leave this place better than you found it.  Do you go to work every day and feel fulfilled?  If not, find that thing that fills you.  Whether it is a dream job, going out in nature, staying healthy, or riding a motorcycle and connecting with the machine and the road, do that!  

When my time comes I want to rest knowing I did what it took to reach my hopes and dreams.  I want to live a life of joy.  I choose to follow my heart which burns for my family, friends, humanity, and science.  I know that those things fuel me and that I have to fight for them. There will be days that I will fail but I will get back up and continue to fight because that is what the journey of life is all about. I want to touch the lives around me with kindness and love and a connection that is made with a simple smile. 

There is no better time than right now.  Let's move forward together as we create a life of our greatest hopes and dreams. Thank you to all who have encouraged me and had a part in my life!  I aspire to live a life filled with happiness, kindness, and fulfilled dreams.

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