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If you had a chance to watch our December Challenge video than you know we want to hear your stories!  We posed the challenge to hear stories from our friends that are inspirational, motivational, and what the Holiday season means to you.  While I can’t wait to see what kind of response we get, I thought I would share my story with you.

I had a particularly challenging year personally.  I have struggled with finding my role again.  Call it an early mid-life crisis if you will.  About a year ago I had a thriving career, I had the elusive work life-balance, a great social network with dear friends, and felt so content with my life.  Then life just happened and it took a long time to find the Charity I could live with again.

It all started with our relocation, many may not know that I am a military spouse and while I love the military spouse life with all the adventure and challenges sometimes it is harder to keep hold of who you think you are.  I no longer had my career and was a full time stay at home mom and this was a huge adjustment for me.  I had applied to several places only to find disappointment in either no response or a pay rate that would not cover child care.  This was a huge blow to who I thought I was.  While I dearly love my children, I never saw myself as a stay at home mom.  I fell into depression as I lost the sense of who I was.

I finally accepted the fact that I was going to really embrace the stay at home mom life and that is when things started to turn around and I could see that I could find me again if I really tried.  It feels so easy to lose ourselves, especially to the craziness of life.  I started by making sure I got to the gym a couple of times a week.  I could feel clarity and the depression starting to lift.  Then I decided to help out with the family business of Hattast-ique to have something of my very own that did not revolve around my husband, children, or house.  This was the next step to finding my way out of the void.  After that I tried to find the joy in each part of my day with my kiddos.  It was a slow process to feeling happy and whole again, but eventually I got there.  This is not to say that some days it feels like it is crashing down again, but now I have the vision and strength to pick myself back up the next day and say you got this, you are amazing, and capable.

My hope in sharing this story is that no matter where you are at in your journey there is a way forward, it may look nothing like what you have planned, but it can be so amazing if you let it happen.  I hope that you can do one thing today for you and then tomorrow another thing and slowly build the life that makes you happy.  I want my story to be a story of motivation, that even when the dark cloud hangs over you there is a way out, and it may not feel like it, but take one step at a time and it will begin to lift.  There will be setbacks, but don’t be discouraged it is part of the course.

I do have to thank my husband for helping me by supporting me and letting me find my way out.  I know he desperately wanted to fix things for me so I could be happy, but he knew only I could change how I was feeling.  I knew he loved me and just wanted me to be happy.  So for that I am truly thankful.  He is gracious in letting me have those bad days that still occasionally happen and then I can bounce back knowing he has my back.       

Thank you for listening to my story and I hope that if it can help just one person to not feel alone it is worth sharing! 

We would love to hear your stories!  You can write us via e-mail or share a video with us. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and God Bless!

Charity Malabad



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