Essence Of Hattast-ique!


One of the things we love most about Hattast-ique is that it is something we created with our family.  It means everyone pitches in and has to learn to be business partners as well as family members.  Anyone who has owned a small business can tell you a lot of work goes into making it successful and it will push and develop you as an individual and as a family.  You get to experience growth you may never have known otherwise.

We have learned over time where each of our strengths lie and have gravitated toward taking over that responsibility.  With strengths comes differences in character and that is truly what makes it all come together.  I might see something in one light and another might see it differently, but those differences have helped us create the business into a welcoming place where our customers are part of the family.

One of the things we love at events is that people can come into our booth and feel welcome, there is no pressure.  We want you to try on that hat or goggles and have some fun.  If you fall in love with it and know that you are perfectly topped off then you are more than welcome to purchase your item, if not no worries.  We are just happy that you have stopped by.  That is the heart of this business, love of what we do, the product we sell, and the people we meet.  That is the essence of Hattast-ique!






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