First Day of Spring, Are You Hitting the Road?

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Today is the first day of spring, some may be enjoying the spring like temperatures while others are still weathering the last few winter storms.  This is the time of year where temperatures start to rise and we will be seeing more and more motorcycles on the road.  This is a great time for both motorcyclists and motorists to remember to look twice, save a life.  As a vendor for various bike rallies this is especially important to us because so many of the amazing people we meet are motorcyclists.

Motorcycles riders are eager to get on the road during the next few months and with more motorcycles on the road it is important to be alert and share the road. Motorcycles can be hard to see so it is important to remember that they are out there.  Please check your blind spots, check your mirrors, and use your turn signals.  Motorcyclists, please check your motorcycle for any maintenance issues and ensure it is ready for the road.  Responsibility is up to everyone on the road motorcyclists and motorists alike.

Any driver can be distracted.  Please wait to respond to your texts when you are not operating a vehicle.  Also, if you have to make a call please use a hand- free device.   At the end of the day it is better to arrive safe then to regret answering the text or phone call and causing an accident.

Hattast-ique is a family of motorcycle enthusiasts.  We love to ride the open road and experience the scenery in a whole new way.  We love the motorcycle culture and the riders.  It is our fathers, husbands, sons, daughters, mothers, and wives that love to ride and we hope every ride is a safe ride.

I will leave you with this, please share the road, stay alert, and have an awesome summer whether it is on your motorcycle or cruising in your car!

Charity Malabad


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