2018 So Far...

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Time sure does fly. Especially when you're not pay any attention to it. I can't believe the first six months of the year have come and gone. What an adventure it has been so far! 
As I sit here on this hot summer day, as the afternoon thunder storms start to roll in, I can't help but to take the time to reflect on all the experiences we have had. Since January, we have done nine events. We have been on the road longer than we have been home. And when we are home, when the stars and our schedules align, we enjoy every minute we have together. There have been bumps on the road, tires to change and challenges to overcome. And at the end of day, we would do it all again! 
Travel back in time with me to the beginning of 2018.
These are our memories frozen in time.
The rest of the year is sure to be an epic journey! Follow us along! See where the road will take us next! 
Always perfectly topped off, 
Amanda Malabad 


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