A Mother's Love

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A poem written for all the strong, courageous, and lovely mothers out there.

Because of you, our world shines a bit brighter everyday.

We love easier. We laugh more often. We are better people, because of you! 



A Mother's Love

written by Amanda Malabad 

A mother's love is like the sunrise
The peaceful moments before the world is awake
She is ready to take on the world for your sake
She is calm like the color blue, painted in the morning sky
She will always guide you and show you how to fly
Her smile is as bright as the sun over the horizon
Her love and hope for you is always rising 
Her grace and beauty never seem to fade
Like the beginning of every new day 
A mother's love is like the sunrise. 
A mother's love like the sunset 
The brilliance of the colors ending the day
She is always only a whisper away
She is radiant like the passionate sun, falling out of sight
She will always warm your heart and hold on to you tight
Her words will forever stick with you as you grow apart
Her love has always shined like the brightest star
Someday she may fade away
Like the ending of everyday
A mother's love is like the sunset. 
I hope you enjoyed this poem. The greatest gift we have to give is our love. Remember that as you plan your Mother's Day! 
Always perfectly topped off,
Amanda Malabad 




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