Halloween with Hattast-ique


Pirates, Hippies, Cowboys, Steampunks... What could all these possibly have in common?  Halloween! 
Halloween is the best time of the year!  You have the season of Autumn that reminds us that change is inevitable.  As the leaves express their life through their colors, so do we through the different seasons we each go through.  This season is about reflection; reflecting back on this year, reflecting on your life and reflecting on everything that has brought you to this moment! 
Halloween is a day of honoring the dead.  We remember the past lives that have lived, the lives that inspire us and move us into a better future.  We dress up as anything we can imagine!  And the possibilities are endless.  You can go for scary, historical, funny, sexy, or even out of this world with extraterrestrial life!  What ever you always wanted to be as a kid, Halloween is the day you can be that! 
One of the best parts about Hattast-ique and all the different shows that we do is that everyday we work is like Halloween for us. We have some amazing accessories to rock almost any costume idea you have in mind!  Today, working the booth in Panama City Beach, I'm a pirate!  Tomorrow, I'm a steampunk! 
When you need those last minute touches to complete that perfect outfit, keep us in mind! We'll get you perfectly topped off! 
Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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