Hats On, Hats Off!


Ask me what kind of hat I like and it really depends on my mood.  If I am feeling my country roots that day then cowboy hat please.  If it is super warm out and I am going to be hiking in the wonderful outdoors then a baseball cap is my preferred head adornment.  How about a day at the lake, swimming and enjoying the sun, then I want my straw fedora hat to keep those beautiful rays out of my eyes.  We put on different hats for different occasions, most people have a favorite hat, but that certainly doesn’t mean it is the only hat we wear.  I think this applies to our lives in a different sense as well.

We all have different hats that we put on and wear every day, but these hats are more in a figurative sense.  When I wake up the morning I put on my hat of motherhood, the hat I wear to work, the hat of being a wife, and well at the end of the day I take all those hats off and put my very own unique just me hat back on.  The thing is I need all those hats to be me and each hat expresses different parts of me. 

I think for me that is why I have a love of hats.  I enjoy thinking of when I am going to wear each style and how it makes me feel.  It is not only a look that I am trying to convey, but a piece of me that represents putting those different hats on in life and feeling complete.  Hats go on and then they come off in both a literal and figurative sense and I think that is what is so great about what we do.  It represents something we do every day whether we realize it or not.

So put your favorite hat on today and celebrate who you are!



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