Hattast-ique Adventure: First Ride of the Year

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You may have noticed a change in the air. The days are getting warmer. The sun is shining more brightly. Even the birds are beginning to sing their lovely morning songs. For being early February, we sure aren't used to such good weather. In Colorado, we usually wait until April or even May to jump on a motorcycle for the first ride of the year. Now, being here in Arizona, our riding season has officially begun! 

The Gang

The Malabad family is a family of bikers. Luke has been on the back of a motorcycle since the 80's. His love for bikes has been passed down to both sons, Lucas and Zack. In fact, they all three have rode the same motorcycle at one point or another. The 86' Honda Shadow is the bike that has been passed down from father to oldest son and then finally to Zack. Though someday I'm sure I'll learn to ride the Shadow, as for now, I enjoy being on the back taking pictures!

There is a small group of friends that we ride with. There's Luke and Lisa, Thom, Matt, and Grumpy(Tom). This is a group of friends that have been riding together for more than ten years now. Zack and I have been riding with them for four years. It is a crazy group of friends. There is always a good time to be had when we are all together. 


The Hoover Dam

When the gang said they wanted to come out to our place and ride the motorcycles for a weekend, we wasted no time in making this happen. Thom and Matt left the wintry cold in Colorado on Tuesday morning and by Wednesday afternoon, the sun was shining and we were making our way to the Hoover Dam. 

If you've ever been to the Hoover Dam you know how impressive this man made structure is. The Hoover Dam is located on the border of Arizona and Nevada right off the Colorado river. It was constructed in 1931 and completed in 1936, two years ahead of schedule.During this time America was going through the Great Depression. This massive project was a test of strength and determination for the people of that time. This large of a concrete structure had never been built before. It's construction took thousands of workers to build. More than one hundred people lost their lives in the process. 

This was my first time visiting the Hoover Dam. I was taken aback by the beauty of such a massive structure. There is a mixed feeling of empowerment and complete wonder when you stand in the presence of technology and nature working together.


Riding Goggles

The best part of this adventure to the Hoover Dam was being able to test our new riding goggles.

We have been searching for the right riding goggles to carry in the booth for years now. We finally found them, ordered them and even tested them out! These goggles are perfect! They keep the harsh wind out of your eyes. The keep the sun from being too bright. And they look bad ass on the back of a motorcycle! 



We have a weekend of riding ahead of us.We have plans to ride the Grand Canyon and to ride to Lake Havasu. The weather will be great. Having our friends here and enjoying moments like these are what makes life so wonderful!

I hope you all have a perfectly topped off weekend full of sunshine and motorcycles!

Amanda Malabad 






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