Hattast-ique Moves to Arizona

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          The idea of moving out of Colorado started to form within the second year of the family business. All we could see was the growth of Hattast-ique and all we needed was the space to expand. With the idea of possibly moving came the new dream of where we could go and all we could do. You see, the family business is more than just Hattast-ique. We are Malabad & Malabad, or M&M Specialties. The dream of starting a family business evolved into any and all different avenues we could explore as a family. And so came Hattast-ique along with Veil-ique which focused primarily on wedding veils. The ideas were endless! We had everything from farming with chickens and goats and gardening with green houses, to even having an apiary for honey. We dreamed about growing Christmas trees and having several crab ponds. And a personal favorite of mine; we dreamed about having an Alpaca or two! There was no end to our dreaming. The only block in our way was where we lived. 

          It didn't take long for the idea of moving out of state to become a vision we were now preparing for. We came across the old town of Kingman, Arizona right off Route 66. The location was perfect and we quickly fell in love with the area. In late April, the four of us jumped in the truck and took a road trip out here to look at houses. We looked at several different houses that weekend. Some of them were fantastic and others were okay. But the last house we saw... the one all the way out in nowhere, 30 minutes from town, two and a half miles of dirt road, this house was the one. We could all picture it! We could all see ourselves here, on this land, doing anything and everything we could put our minds to! And then the process began.

          After that little road trip we set back home to Colorado to prepare the house for being sold. Within two weeks we were ready to put the house on the market. There was a blizzard that Saturday we put the house up for sell. But come Sunday we had six showings in four hours. There were a few more showings on Monday and by Tuesday we had three offers in already. Everything was happening at an unexpectedly quick pace. And we were okay with that.

          We immediately started the process for buying our new dream home in Arizona. Of course the process for buying the house didn't go as quickly as selling the old house. There seemed to be delays and set back every time we took a step forward. But we kept on walking ahead, knowing we were that much closer to our dream.

          By the time we sold the old house, we still had no closing date on the house in Arizona. We spent 3 weeks on the road and living from a hotel room. We made the most out of the experience. We visited with friends and family. We went camping over the 4th of July. We had fun but we were ready to be home; to have a home. And when the day came to finally close on the new house, we drove 30 minutes away from town and two and a half miles on a dirt road, and we parked our trucks in front of our new garage doors. I'm sure a huge sigh of relief left all of us as we stepped into the house that day. Once we were all inside we lifted our shot glasses and toasted to Malabad Mountain. We were home. 

          Being at home, feeling at home is so much more than just the walls and the roof that make it a house. Home is where the heart is. Home is with family, friends and loved ones. And most importantly home is what you make it. For us, the Malabads, home is fire pits and long conversations. Home is cloud gazing and star finding. Home is sunsets over our front porch. Our home is with each other. It is the experiences we share together.  

          The journey of uprooting your life and moving on to a new experience comes with its own struggles and challenges. There were many lessons to be learned over the past two months. Lessons of hard work, patience, cooperation, team work. It wasn't easy but we pulled through as always. And now we continue on. We build from here.

          Just wait and see what we can do with all this land available to us. 


















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