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“Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.” -Author Unknown

That is one of the best small business quotes!  It reminds small businesses to get their name and reputation out there.  That you have something that fits exactly what customers are looking for.  As a customer we know this is true.  We are looking for that perfect gift, product, service, or addition to our surroundings.

In previous blogs we have taken a closer look at small businesses and how they affect the economy and what it takes to sustain small businesses (Small Business Insight https://www.hattast-ique.com/blogs/news/small-business-insight).  In an effort to support small businesses we are going to start to highlight a different small businesses each month. 

When owning a small business, you understand how important support is and what better way to support other businesses than by highlighting a new business each month.  You may be a small business owner looking for a way to expand and market your business, this could be a great way to get your name out to a whole new set of customers.  Maybe you are a customer and would not know where to look for someone who does custom design cutting boards, look no further because we will have a small business that suits your needs.

We love this idea because it involves the community and can help connect small businesses with their customers.  One of the many reasons we love small businesses, besides being a small business ourselves, is the community behind small businesses.  We are helping shape and build our communities around us.  When you shop at small businesses you are contributing to this community.   

We hope to highlight the businesses we meet on our adventures and would also love to hear about your small business.  You can e-mail us at info.hattastique@gmail.com with your business details and we will add you to our list of small business highlights.

Keep an eye out, your next favorite small business could be one article away!  As always thank you for spending part of your day with us and have a blessed week.

Charity Malabad

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