In The Beginning

perfectlytoppedoff steampunk top hat

Here's a little peak into the early days of Hattast-ique! 

At the beginning of any business there is a story of how it developed over time.  So join us as we delve into what the beginning of Hattast-ique looked like.  The idea of a small family business had been brewing for some time, it was either going to be an idea or we were going to act on it.  So in October of 2014 we sat down as a family to discuss several business ideas that we had.  After careful discussion of each business it was plain to see that hats had won the popular vote. We were now ready to turn our ideas into action and in November of 2014 Hattast-ique was born!

When we first started out we made our own steampunk top hats. They were made out of craft foam and yoga mats. Once a week we would have hat making parties.  We would spend hours designing steampunk top hats while listening to Lindsey Sterling or old 80's Rock.  This really got our creative juices flowing and as we crafted our hats our love continued to grow for our business. 

These hats, these creation parties are the roots of Hattast-ique as a company.  We have grown and expanded our product and expertise tremendously over the last 2 1/2 years it has been an amazing journey.  We are so excited to see where it takes us next and are very thankful for every opportunity that comes our way! 

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