My Christmas Magic Evolution

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Today and all my years before Christmas has been a magical time for me.  When I was a little girl that magic revolved around anticipation, baking with mom, our family feast traditions and of course Santa.  As I got older I better understood what magical things we were celebrating for Christmas yet even though we were not the model Catholics I was born to...I did see charity, generosity and sincerity.  The world somehow seemed a bit lifted up.  There were more smiles, more laughs, more family time ...and the tried and true family traditions stayed strong.  I have to thank my parents and brother who kept Santa alive for me until I was ready to be happy to believe in the spirit of Christmas and not the logistic of how the heck that big guy got down a chimney. 
Fast forward to young adulthood and the wonder and magic came with watching sons, nieces and nephews giddy from excitement.  There was so much more to making it special for others.  Even young and pretty poor the presents weren't nearly as big of a deal as spending time doing fun things together.  Somewhere along the lines our family decided to try to make sure everyone should get something to play with at Christmas.  That may be a puzzle, a game...just something that we could get absorbed in and throttle back for a while.  We started our own tradition of watching Polar Express every Christmas Eve during our feast-a-vus. It might be the only night a year we all actually go to bed early.  
It's funny, the older I get, the less presents mean except for giving them to others.  My magic now is in bringing smiles and excitement to others, in spending time relaxing with family, in finding adventures to do together.  The MOST magical is seeing my 2 granddaughters who were both born around Christmas.  We spent 2 amazing Christmas times ready for those two girls to show up and being there when they did.  They are my magic... as is my family.  
I feel so very lucky have such an amazing family and set of friends.  And although I miss my mom dearly, I don't get too sad because she LOVED Christmas time and it would make her sad to see any of us sad missing her.  So I smile thinking of her and magically I see a spark in her in my granddaughters, my brother, my aunt and uncle and I feel like she is still near.  
I do hope that you all find magic all year round.  Let yourself dream, be kind, enjoy the wonder and give every shooting star to someone in need. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year.  
Lisa Malabad
The Hattast-ique "Mom" 

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