New Year, New You?

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As we enter a new year I usually take stock and see what areas I can improve in my life.  Then of course I add it to my ever expanding list of goals and things I need to get done.  I would not call them resolutions, but that is what they are.  This year is no different I have a whole list of things I want to get done now.  I was reflecting on this as I was starting to stress out about how I was going to accomplish eating healthy, working out more, providing motivational and relative information for Hattast-ique, planning trips, educational activities for my children, and of course I really want to learn another language on top of my already too long list.  I thought why do I put the extra pressure on myself at the beginning of each year.

Maybe it is a societal pressure, that at the beginning of the year you have this fresh start to be a better person, but don't we get that fresh start each day.  By adding the extra pressure of a resolution the task seems that more daunting and even more disappointing if we fail.  I am not saying don't reflect and make goals, but maybe don't hinge it all on this year I am going to do better.  It is the journey over the course of our lives and each day we can add, correct, adjust our goals to be the people we want to be. 

This year maybe cut yourself some slack and realize that those resolutions are great, but you have the whole year to decide what they need to be and each day is a chance to resolve today I am going to the gym, then tomorrow I will work on a language.  I am going to try to be kind to myself and not get overwhelmed with changing everything at once.  I am also going to repeat to myself one day at a time, make each day as successful as you can and then those goals will start to take a life on of their own.  Trust me this is much easier for me to write than to actually practice.  So here is to making each day a fresh start to be the person I want to be. 

May the year treat you well and your dreams become a reality.  Let's rock 2018!

Charity Malabad







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