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It has been said that creative people don't see things for what they are; they see them for what they could be. Creativity flows through us all. It is that spark of inspiration. It is that burst of motivation. It is a powerful force that shapes our lives. When we learn to harness this force, amazing things begin to happen. 

A few months back we attended the Rockabilly Reunion Music Festival, in Lake Havasu, AZ. It was a fun weekend filled with great music, great fashion, and amazing vendors. In the booth right next to us, I met the creative artist behind Nudgepudge, Courtney Kroenke.


There is something about face painting that we are all drawn to. Whether you are at a County Fair or a themed festival, there is always a line at the face painter's booth. Maybe it's the bright colors. Maybe it's the glitter. For whatever reason, kids and adults cannot go through an event without having their face painted. This was every bit true for Courtney's booth that weekend. 

Right away I noticed Courtney's bright, bubbly personality. She perfectly dressed the part of a young 1950's woman. She was easy to talk to. It didn't take long for her and I to become friends. 

In the world of face painting, the ideas for what to paint are endless. There are artists who stick with the classics, tigers, butterflies, a pretty flower. And then there are artists, like Courtney, who go beyond the classics. 

As a kid, when you're standing in line, waiting to have your face painted, you can't help but to picture exactly what it is you want your face to look like after the artist has worked her magic. When it is finally your turn, you sit in the chair and you feel the cold paint strokes move across your face. You can't see what it looks like just yet but you trust the artist. It tickles a little. You want to laugh but you sit perfectly still. Then the artist looks at you and smiles because her work is complete! She hands you the mirror and you can't help but to return such a happy, magical smile! That is the beauty of Nudgepudge. 




The Best Part

Nudgepudge is more than face painting. You can find Courtney's art on the windows of several shops in downtown Kingman! Her murals beautifully illustrate exactly what you want your business to say. Courtney is also learning and practicing the art of Henna Tattoos. You can book a Henna appointment with her every Thursday at Envy Hair and Nail Saloon from 9 am to 4 pm. 


Courtney has worked really hard in pursuing this dream of hers. It is always inspiring to see people passionate about what they do. This passion drives them and gives them the courage to take chances. Life can be everything we want it to be if we just give yourselves a little push. So got out there and pursue your dreams. Chase after what calls to you. Find your creative spark and start creating! 

Have a beautiful, perfectly topped off day! 

Amanda Malabad 







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    Oh my goodness. This is the kindest thing I have ever read 😍😍😍 thank you so, so much!!

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