On the Road with Zack and Amanda

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Fifteen days on the road. The days are long with driving and then working and then more driving. Together, Zack and I, take on the road before us. 

We left for Reno, Nevada on a Tuesday. We were awake with the sun and ready for the long ten hour drive. Nevada is a beautiful state to drive through. The desert land with sharp mountain ranges that stretch out to the horizon will paint you a new picture with every mile you cross. I love the road trips with Zack. We have great conversations about anything from movies and "what if" scenarios to government conspiracy and alien technology. I mean, we are near Area 51 driving through this side of Nevada. When we run out of things to talk about, we turn up the music. We let the songs narrate our way through the hours that pass by.

Reno, NV really is the biggest little city in the world! The Street Vibrations Rally was a great experience for Zack and I. We had so much fun. When you work a numerous amount of rallies sometimes they can seem a bit repetitive. Street Vibrations was nothing like the other rallies we've been to. One of my favorite moments with this event was the singing of the National Anthem every evening. It was incredible to see people stop in the middle of what they were doing, turn to the flag, and honor our country. The sense of gratitude was overwhelming and for a few short moments we were all united with a love for our country, for each other.

Seven days later, we were finally home but only for two days. When you travel the country, the road becomes your home in a way. You get use to new rooms, new beds, new people. I am always happy to be on the road. I love traveling. It's the wonder lust spirit within that brings me joy when I'm off on a new adventure. It is also what makes home, the house we retreat to when there are no more plans, a safe haven. When we have the opportunity to sit at home and not do anything, we truly soak up these moments. But alas, the road calls to us again. 

Along with Hattast-ique, Zack and I have a photography business, Malabad Images. We capture everything; portrait photography, real estate photography, fine art, and wedding photography. So we took off for Colorado for weekend full of photos! 

It felt amazing to breathe fresh mountain air. It was incredible to see the changes of fall. We spent six days in Denver. We took lots of pictures. And then we were finally home.

The only consistent part of our ever busy life is that it is consistently changing. We are always on the go. Zack and Luke are on the road right now. They are setting up for Daytona Beach Fall Rally. It won't be long until I will be on the road again. But for now, I will relax into being at home. 


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