Our Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Adventure


At the beginning of every year we sit down as a family and plan out what vacations we want to take. And every year the Sturgis Bike Rally is top of that list. This year was no exception. Sturgis is always a good time! Zack and I, the "kids" of our family business, have been going to this rally since 2014. We were the newbies hanging out with our folks who have now been attending 10 years! But three rallies later, we are now experienced Sturgis regulars!

The 75th Sturgis Rally was our big debut show for Hattast-ique. It was our first show out of state. We partnered with another vendor; a good friend of ours who owns a cigar wagon and a little boutique. We set up some of our top hats with her boutique and pretty much ran that part of her booth. It was a perfect match! We learned a lot that year. 

And here we are, a year later, back to Sturgis in full force!

This year was quite a bit different than last year. Instead of being front and center on Main St, we were set up at the Full Throttle Saloon, about seven miles out of town. Of course this is the new Full Throttle Saloon, as the old one burnt to the ground shortly after the 75th Rally. 

We picked a wonderful year to partner with the Full Throttle. We loved being there this year, especially as we met some awesome new vendors and friends. The food was delicious! The entertainment was grand! The whole environment was so very welcoming and accepting. They even had the Hellzapoppin freak show there! Which we saw almost every other night! 

With every rally we do and every new adventure we set out on, we always learn new lessons. This year, Sturgis was exactly that! And though there was a lot of work involved, it was still more of a party vacation. We'll just call it a "work-cation".

The experience we took from our home away from home will carry us through until next year! And we will be back for more! 


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