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At Hattast-ique we are always thinking of how we can improve for our customers and ourselves.  This blog is a an outreach to you our customers and friends.  We would love feedback from you on the type of venues/events that you attend and where you think Hattast-ique would be a good fit.  We have added some new venues this year and are pretty excited to be trying Lake Havasu Balloon Fest and Wild West Steampunk Convention.

We would love to branch out and try some new things.  We have done mostly motorcycle rallies, medieval festivals, and some events that have a combination of interests like Bikes, Blues, and BBQ.  We want to know the type of events our readers and followers are interested in.  Is there a particular event that you just love to go to?  Do you think a place like Firefly Music Festival in June would be somewhere you would want to go and run into us?  Or is it maybe a comic con?  Maybe you know of a local event that you think we would love to try out, but we haven't even heard of.

We would love any input you can give us.  We have a few ideas that we are currently doing some research on, but we are a small business and rely on you to give us input to make what we do and where we do it even better.  We want to bring the essence of Hattast-ique to new people!

Thank you for any input you can give and thank you for your support in our small business!

Charity Malabad


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