Shopping Local For The Holidays!

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Whether you are looking for a gorgeous hat, a fresh Christmas Tree, or produce for that Holiday meal consider buying from a local or small business owner this Holiday season.  There are some really great reasons to buy local and shop with small businesses.  I think one of the best reasons is that it restores community and human connection that we all need. 

“When you buy something from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance.” - Author Unknown

If you are thinking about shopping local this year you would be helping stimulate the local economy.  You are also creating the community that you want to see.  I personally have had a majority of my best customer service experiences in local, small business environments and that is why I love being a part of a small business.  I think one of the best parts is you get to know the individuals behind the product.  You can see a Hattast-ique member at one event and stop by and say hi at the next event.  We love seeing the familiar faces and you will get to know those who stand behind the product.  It is personal for us and we want our customers to have the best experience possible.  We also will try our best to find something that perfectly tops off just you!  We know that no two customers are the same!

Other small businesses have the same principles in mind, you our customers are so important to us!  Our dream is only a reality with you having a wonderful experience. 

So this Holiday Season consider stopping by your local stores and see if you can find the magic in shopping local! 

Charity Malabad

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