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KTea Designs, was established in 2017 by a creative, spirited and generous woman named Kristi Turman and we are happy to call her friend.  She uses her amazing artistic abilities to turn an idea into a beautiful personalized engraved item, be it special event glasses, cutting boards, cheese tray and much more.  Her attention to detail is outstanding, and she goes above and beyond to make your item(s) exceed your expectations. 

 Kristi is one of those people you run across in life that just make you smile and enjoy being around.  She is genuine of heart, passionate about her family and beliefs and focuses on the positive.  We ran into her work the 1st time when she made a gift for our homecoming to Kingman, AZ.  Her fiancee, Dwayne (our realtor extraordinaire) invited us for a welcome dinner, and we were introduced.  Next thing you know, she took everything that we said was cool about our new home and how we saw it and put it on a board for us.  It is proudly displayed in our kitchen.

 She then collaborated with us on our business, and her amazing boards seen below are what we carry.  She is designing other items for us as well, and while the talent is fantastic, we love how she dreams our dreams with us and gets excited and offers up suggestions.

 We carry a few of her amazing designs with us in the booth. And you can imagine she has many, many things she can customize for you on her site.

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We hope you have a perfectly topped off weekend,
Lisa Malabad 

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