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"Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness." 

The art of tattooing is a way of self expression and a graphic form of story telling. It doesn't matter if you have one tattoo or a hundred, each piece illustrates a part of who you are or who you've been. 

Among the world's greatest tattoo shops, there is Solstice Ink.

Right out of Denver Colorado, Shawn Denoyer is the incredibly skilled artist behind Solstice Ink.

Here is his story

"I began tattooing in 2007 as soon as I gained control and strength of my left arm after a freak accident that took that control away.
I was always pressured into being a tattoo artist as a kid because I could draw, especially by my mom. I was raised by a pack of wild bikers and I was always drawing their tattoos for them. Because I was so highly pressured to tattoo I never wanted to be a tattooist. Until the day I met a artist at our apartment's pool. He saw me drawing and offered me to come try out his set up. The next day I bought my own and never put it down. By my second year we had 4 shops in Denver. Now I'm tattooing in my private studio.
My favorite style is when my client gives me a subject and I have free reign on the piece. It could be anything from dark and evil to color splash to some cartoony! As long as I get to feel the piece and it's not restricted you'll get the best outcome and we will both enjoy it." - Shawn

The Denoyer Family 

Shawn and his lovely wife Tasha have been good friends of our since 2010. Although, the family connection begins long before that. Shawn and my older brother, Mike, went to high school together.
For us, it all began at a Halloween party that my brother was throwing. Zack came dressed as a character from an old video game, Stubbs the Zombie. Immediately Shawn and Zack connected over a love for video games, zombies and tattoos.
After the party, it didn't take long for us to book an appointment.
Over the years we have really gotten to know the Denoyer family. Shawn and Tasha and their three kids, Donte, Gage and Mahayla, are such a joy to be around. They are the most fun- loving family I have ever met!

The Poet's Revenge Top Hat 

In late 2016 we asked Shawn if he would design a unique top hat for us. After months of working on the details of the design and fitting it on a top hat layout, we finally had a finished product!
We only made thirty of these top hats. By July of last year they all sold!
He is in the process of designing a brand new unique top hat!


It has been a fantastic journey working with Shawn and his family. 

Check out his Facebook page and his Instagram Page.

And next time your in Denver, book your tattoo appointment with him!

We are excited to see how far his art will take him.

"Art is freedom. Being able to bend things that most people see as a straight line."

Have a perfectly topped off day,
Amanda Malabad

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