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Christmas is rapidly approaching and as plans start to unfold you may find yourself spending the day alone.  Due to circumstances as an adult, there is a good chance you will spend at least one Christmas alone.   My hope is to help you find something to do that keeps that lonely depression from knocking on the door and possibly finding something wonderful about spending the day alone!

Here is something absolutely wonderful about spending this special day alone YOU ARE FREE!  Free to spend the day without any obligations this time of year brings.  For some this is scary, others it is liberating.  So now that you are free what do you do?

Maybe you decide you do not want to leave the house, perfect. 

  • You can have a movie marathon of uplifting movies like Love Actually, The Holiday, or just your favorite feel good movie
  • TV show marathon.  Maybe you have wanted to catch up or re-watch a show. 
  • Read or listen to a book. 
  • How about researching a new recipe and have a day of cooking between yoga sessions.
  • Another great at home activity is writing handwritten letters to send out to your loved ones. With the online communication these days getting a handwritten letter is very special to those who receive them.
  • That room you have wanted to recreate, this is the prime time to create a new space, work of art, craft, or anything that expresses you. 
  • How about that really eccentric hobby you have wanted to look into, but feel silly looking into, take the whole day to research it.
  • Build a Lego set or do something that brings out your inner child.

Let’s say that you don’t want to sit in the house, here are some things you can get out and do. 

  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter.
  • Find a beach or park near you, pack a snack, and bring your favorite book! Spend an hour or two just enjoying the quiet of nature. 
  • Go to a city near you and see what kind of photos you can capture.
  • See humanity from another angle by just taking in the world around you. Use Christmas as a day of reflection.
  • If you live near a big city like Seattle or Washington D.C. go to an area that is normally very populated and feel the stillness that the day brings. 

Whatever you decide to do with your day do not dwell on the fact you are alone, take this time to embrace you and find a place of peace with yourself.  This is a great time to do some self growth and get a jump on the year ahead.  Is there a class you want to take?  Research opportunities and goals that you want to complete in the year ahead and make a plan on how you will actually achieve them.

However the Christmas Day unfolds, we hope you have a blessed day!

 Charity Malabad

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