Steampunk Goggles

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Steampunk Goggles

The world of steampunk fashion has many unique expressions. From top hats to boots, there is no end to the different styles and trends that steampunk can inspire. Steampunk fashion consists of clothing, hair styling, jewelry, make-up and last but certainly not least, goggles!

Imagine being stranded in the middle of the Mohave desert.There are no cell phones and no general electricity. There is not a person around for miles. The heat of the desert sun is beating down on you. And just a few feet in front of you, there is a giant a dust storm heading your direction. Luckily, being the sharp, courageous post-apocalyptic frontier explorer that you are; you have a pair of goggles just for this occasion. 

Now, imagine with me again: we are traveling into the unforeseen future. Cars are flying, robots are civilians, and exploring the universe is the new frontier. You are an inventor. You spend your days creating gadgets. And when you need to focus in on the tiny gears and sprockets, your goggles with a magnifier and light will assist you in your creations. 

Goggles, whether "steampunk" or not, have many practical uses. From swimming to welding, from dust storms to creating gadgets, goggles will continue to push mankind into the future.  


Hattast-ique Steampunk Goggle Giveaway

From the beginning Hattast-ique has been inspired by the steampunk world. Aside from top hats, steampunk goggles were a must have product for our store.

It isn't hard to search for steampunk goggles. You can find them virtually anywhere and usually for a reasonable cost. And if you can make your own pair of goggles, that's even better! 

If you are looking for the special pair of goggles to complete your steampunk style, look no further! We are giving a pair away! 

We just started a MASSIVE promotion! When you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, your name is entered into the steampunk goggle giveaway! If you have already liked our pages, you can still be entered into the drawing by liking, commenting or sharing the post of the day. This is our way of connecting with our audience across social media.

If you would like to be entered into the drawing find us on

Twitter/Hattast_ique, Facebook/Hattast-ique, and Instagram/hattastiquehats 

I hope our steampunk goggles inspire the creativity in you. We are all looking for that thing in life that drives us; that gives our life purpose. And while these goggles may seem simple, they can show you a side of life that is adventurous and full of wonder! Your great adventure is waiting. 



Have a perfectly topped off weekend,

Amanda Malabad


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