The Heart of Steampunk

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Steampunk is what you make it!  Literally!  Whether you go all out with an epic cosplay costume or you rock a simple pair of goggles, you are steampunk! 

A lot of times we run into people who have no idea what steampunk is.  They are usually drawn into our booth because of a unique design that appeals to some part of them.  Whether its a top hat or a pair of our goggles, they are immediately attracted to the creative freedom they sense and the craftsmanship of our product.  And they ask, "What on earth is this?!"  We will respond with "Those are steampunk goggles!" which is usually followed by "Steampunk?"  We go into our explanation of what steampunk is, the fashion trend that is slowly but surely taking over the world.  We list our favorite steampunk movies like Wild Wild West, A League of Extraordinary Gentleman, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Van Helsing, Mad Max, Sleepy Hollow; you get the idea!  And then it clicks; they know steampunk or now they remember a friend who is obsessed with the steampunk culture.  The connection is made and now they too are immersed into the world of steampunk! 

If you have seen any of the movies mentioned above you will notice a continuing theme through them all.  You take courage, some creative intuition, a bad ass outfit and a willingness to stand and fight for what you believe in and now you have a hero... a steampunk hero! 

Steampunks are the new revolutionaries.  They will take an old way of doing something, that is no longer working, and make it into a new and beautiful way of life.  They will challenge authority, challenge your beliefs and challenge you to be different.  I believe everyone has a little bit of steampunk blood in them.  It just takes the right movie, the right event, the perfect hat if you will, to bring them into the steampunk family.  And with every custom steampunk top hat we create, we have you in mind! 



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