Happy New Year

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We did it. Another full rotation around the sun. We celebrate because we are here, we're alive. We are inspired and full of motivation. We are making plans for a better year.  I don't know about you, but the first of the year is my favorite day. Don't get me wrong, Halloween and Christmas are great but there's just something about January 1st that inspires me like no other. The holiday season comes with the reminder that the spirit of joy, the spirit of giving, lives within us. It is up to each one of us to carry that through...

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A Hattast-ique Halloween

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It is that time of year again. The neighborhood streets will be filled with ghosts, witches and terrifying creatures. This is not the time to be afraid. It is time to embrace the spirit of Halloween! "All Hallow's Eve" Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic celebration "All Hallows Day", a three day long festival honoring the Saints and the faithfully departed. Over the centuries new traditions have taken place. But over all, the meaning still remains. Halloween is a time for honoring the dead. A Hattast-ique Halloween As a kid, this day was always one of my favorite holidays. Maybe...

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A Mother's Love

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A poem written for all the strong, courageous, and lovely mothers out there. Because of you, our world shines a bit brighter everyday. We love easier. We laugh more often. We are better people, because of you!      A Mother's Love written by Amanda Malabad  A mother's love is like the sunrise The peaceful moments before the world is awake She is ready to take on the world for your sake She is calm like the color blue, painted in the morning sky She will always guide you and show you how to fly Her smile is as bright...

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Three Cheers for Three Years!

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A few weeks ago, we celebrated the third anniversary of starting our family business, Hattast-ique.   We started this adventure with a thought, with an idea that we could own something of our own. We could create a life that we've always dreamed about by building it together. Looking back from the beginning,  I am amazed with how far we have come. Each one of us, Lisa, Luke, Charity, Zack and myself, have stepped out of our comfort zones; we have pushed ourselves to learn, to work hard, to plan accordingly and most importantly, how to work together as a...

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Thankful For The Holidays!

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I get it, some people dread the holidays I may have even been one of those people once upon a time.  The holidays used to feel like a chore and seeing the magic in it all was not really on my list of to do’s.  Now from October to January I am on cloud nine.  Maybe it is because I have little children and the holidays are so much fun because there is decorating, and imagination, and they really appreciate the things we do for each holiday.  Maybe it is just an excuse to find some extra joy in the...

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