Taking the World by Storm

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“There is peace even in the storm” - Vincent van Gogh
Have you ever looked at the sky after a thunderstorm? Did you notice how the light blue sky lightens up the dark grey clouds as they're pushed away by the wind? Did you notice how the air feels lighter and how the smell of rain lingers? Storms can be a beautiful, spectacular event.
Here in the desert, we have Monsoons; an afternoon thunder shower with flash flood rains. You can always spot the storm coming. The wind picks up. The clouds gather together and turn dark. Even the sky turns a dark blue. The thunder rumbles as it gets closer. And then the rain pours, fast and hard. The storm passes after 30 minutes, sometimes less. That's when the magic happens. The desert landscape after a monsoon is one of the most breathtaking views I have ever experienced. The smell of the desert dirt after the rain soaks in, brings the calm after a storm.
I bring up the topic of storms because the Storm Western Hat is the highlight hat of the week. If you've seen this hat in person, you know how beautiful it is! And if you've worn this hat, you know how spectacular it makes you feel. The Storm is an all weather hat with rattle snake, lizard, and alligator embedded on the pinched crown, all of that surrounded by a double rattle snake band with rattle snake spines on the back.
Like an epic thunderstorm, this hat brings you that feeling of confidence and strength and peace within the storm.
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend.
Don't be afraid to take the world by storm!
And always stay perfectly topped off!
- Amanda Malabad 



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