The 77th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

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          Sturgis, South Dakota is a home away from home. We spend all year eagerly waiting and planning for the Sturgis Rally to begin.  And every year we are a bit sad to say goodbye to the small but beautiful town.
          This was our third year at Sturgis as Hattast-ique.  And though we've attended this rally for many years now, 2017 has been a favorite year all around. We have learned how to find the balance of enjoying Sturgis for what it is and working our business in a fun and professional way without getting burnt out by the end. Let's face it, Sturgis is an experience! Between riding all day through those gorgeous Black Hills on your iron horse and enjoying the night life as the town comes alive, Sturgis is more than just a vacation. It is more than just a party. Sturgis is about freedom. It's about finding that release; that escape you need from the everyday worries and stress of life. When you're riding through Needles Highway or making your way down the Iron Mountain with those hairpin turns, there is nothing but you, your bike, and the road on your mind. Nothing else matters. And after a long day of riding, there is nothing like grabbing a few beers with your friends and watching a free show like Jasmine Cain at the Knuckle Saloon or Hair Ball at the Iron Horse Saloon. There is no where else you have to go. There is nothing else you need to do. All that matters is you have a good time with good people! We certainly held to this! 

      We love a good time and we love good people! We meet a lot of them from all over the country and even from all over the world! This year we did a Hattast-ique Hat Giveaway with our favorite rally rock star Jasmine Cain. We first saw Jasmine Cain a few years back playing at The Loud American Saloon, they sure know how to rock! We immediately fell in love with their music and saw them play at any rally we were attending along their tour. We asked Jasmine if they would be interested in doing a hat giveaway with us and we were absolutely ecstatic when she said yes! So on Thursday the 10th of August we drew one lucky name from the Poet's Revenge Top Hat and that night Jasmine Cain gave away that hat to Sheriff Bill Reinhart. This was the highlight event of Sturgis for us this year! It was epic! The amazing events did not stop there, we had our trailor wrapped by Precision Ink Graphics and Designs. And they did a spectacular job! We had a great time working our booth at the Full Throttle Saloon! This was certainly a great year for us! 

          They say that home is where the heart is. Our heart is left with every rally, every event, every item we sell and with every one we meet. So it is safe to say we are always home!


















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