The Beginning of the End

Life has a funny way of constantly changing those things we hope will stay constant.
And 2020 has proved this point repeatedly.
This year we have done a grand total of 3 shows; Colorado Motorcycle Expo in January, Daytona Bike Week in March, and Sturgis in August. For a family business that makes a living off the road, traveling the country and attending 15+ events a year, 2020 has taken its toll on Hattast-ique.
 It breaks our heart to announce that the doors are closing on this family owned business. After six years, over fifty events and thousands of miles on the road, the time has come for us to move on to the next grand adventure.
 We have spent the last few weeks, reflecting on our Hattast-ique years. The ups and the downs, the successes, the mistakes, everything that has made us the family business that we are.
When we sat down as a team and decided the time was right to close the doors, I asked everyone a couple questions about their own personal journey with Hattast-ique.
 Who was your favorite Vendor we have worked with over the years? Why?
 Throughout the years it has become tradition to see our vendor family at the annual events we attend. Every event from Colorado Motorcycle Expo at the beginning to the travel season to Rally in the Alley at the end of the year, we have connected with a group of people who help each other grow, who support one another through the ups and downs, and who really understand the life of a traveling merchant. This bond that we have created has carried us through this storm that is 2020.
There have been many vendors we have connected with over the years. Some we only met once. Others, well it seems like our paths just keep crossing. We are beyond thankful for every one of these encounters and we will keep with us a lifetime of good memories, good advice, and good friendship.
So, when I asked the team “Who was your favorite vendor we've worked with over the years and why?”  here were their responses.
Debria’s designs and mean Maggie's.
Deb and everyone that worked with her (like Pauly and Rosa) made every rally feel like home. They brought a ton of happiness and good energy to the area. It was like always having friends to meet us at every show and watch each other's backs.
Maggie had that same kind of energy and always made sure we were eating well! Plus, who could deny the epic quality of those sandwiches? Soul food on the road for sure!
It would have to be Debria's Designs.  She was always so helpful and looked out for us as "vendor family” When Pauly joined her, that was fantastic too because he was so patient, giving us tips and advice to help us succeed.  They made it an awesome experience.
I would have to say Debria and Pauly, they have shared their experience and wisdom with us and were always there when we needed something. From coffee to generators and even advertising expertise, they always gave. Genuinely great people to work beside.
 It is hard for me to pick just one vendor that I think we have truly connected with over the years. Everyone comes to mind, of course Deb and Pauly from Debria’s Designs, The Hollywood Cowgirl, aka our boot lady, and even Bill from Bad Ass Cigars. All these people and more have truly made an impact on our lives.
If I had to narrow it down to one vendor, it will always be Mean Maggie’s. We first ran into Maggie and her gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches at Arizona Bike Week in 2017 and for the past three years our paths keep crossing. Not only do they make some of the best soul food in the country, but they are all around soulful people.  Maggie and her family always take care our family. And I am grateful to have connected with these beautiful souls.
What was your absolute favorite event to work? Why?
 While Sturgis will always hold a special place in my heart, Rally in the Alley by Hogs and Heifers takes the cake for me. Everything from the promoter to the bartenders and the customers, the area, even the security staff! All of it felt so organic, so well built, and put together. It felt like an event where I could have every bit as much fun as a customer and still be working. The music was bumping and brought the whole place to life. The bar packed, the customers jamming along with each track, the girls calling out to their customers.  All of it just made for such a lively event.
STURGIS!!!!!!!! The riding is spectacular, the crowd is always as big and diverse as you could ever hope to see. It was an honor to take American Hat Maker's spot when they stopped doing shows and that just made it even better being on Main St. Coming in second was a one off, working Atlanta's DragonCon with my two lovely daughter-in laws as Steampunk Hatter, that was a new and exciting experience! It was long days, but an absolute blast, both events were long days, but a great time.
Rally in the Ally is by far my favorite.  Although I did not travel as much as the rest of the gang, I had such a ball at Hogs n Heifers sponsored Rally in the Ally.  Every time they got pushed from The Grand (which have now vowed to never stay at again), they made it bigger and better for everyone.  We saw many of our favorite customers there annually and it was always such a great event and a fun time.  Between the promoters and customers this Rally wins the Gold Star in Fun, Professional, Supportive and happiness.
How can I narrow it down to one favorite event? With six years on the road, following the motorcycle rallies, you can imagine how hard it is to pick one event. My favorite yearly event is Arizona Bike Week. The first year we were there was 2016 and this was our first year following the rallies, thanks to Dad! Arizona Bike Week was a show that Luke and I always did together. For me, it kicked off my travel season, as I usually stayed behind for the first couple shows of the year. From camping, to an Air-BNB, it was always an adventure.  I learned new things about my father-in-law each year we were there. Arizona Bike Week will always hold a special place in my heart.
 The beginning of the End
 It is not easy to write this blog. There is a lot of heartbreak with officially announcing this decision.
As they always say, when one door closes, another one opens.
And we are keeping faith that our next door is just around the corner.
Stay with us as we wrap up everything Hattast-ique.
 Keep an eye out for outrageous sales.
We deeply appreciate and love every single one of you that have followed and supported us along this journey.
Stay tuned for more!
Have a perfectly topped off weekend,
Amanda Malabad


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