The Key to Time

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Do you wish that you could go back in time? Or maybe you wish to fast forward so that you can see the outcome of a dream or goal you have been moving towards.  Today may seem like an odd topic for a hat company, but we are more than a hat company we are people who have dreams and hopes that today will be the best day yet.  Today the creative motivation drove me to the topic of time.  It is seen in so many aspects of life, from keeping appointments to the imagination driving our steampunk creations.

We start our journey on this planet with little reference to time.  As we get older with each passing year we come to understand the concept of time a little bit more.  You do not know the value of a moment until it is over and time is a multi-depth concept, one definition could not fully explain it.  Spending time with family this weekend I thought about how we view time.  I watch as it goes so quickly in some moments and slowly in others.  Time is truly an intricate thing that dictates so much of our lives.  If we had a time machine we may wish to change things, but would we be the same people once we returned?   I believe the key to time is to; cherish the time you have, learn from your failures, live your dreams now, because tomorrow is not guaranteed!   

Treasure every moment that you have!

 “And remember, time waits for no one.
 Yesterday is history.
 Tomorrow is a mystery.
 Today is a gift.” -Author Unknown

Thank you for taking your time and sharing part of your day with Hattast-ique.  Have a blessed week. 

Charity Malabad

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