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Time has a funny way of slowing down or speeding up without you noticing it until it's already happened. To me, it seems as though time has slowed down a bit. Maybe that is because we haven't quite hit our travel season. Whatever the reason, I am thankful. We have had quality time at home, preparing and planning for the year ahead. We have traveled to see family and enjoyed every minute we had with them. And here we are, one week before we take off for Daytona Bike Week, the official kick off to Rally Season! 

Before we get into rally season, let's talk about our hats!

It's not often we have an extra day in February. In fact it only comes every four years. So why not celebrate it with a hat sale! 

Recently we have added over 40 new hats to the website! We have big ones, small ones, some with feathers, some with veils, and even a green top hat! There is definitely a top hat or western hat for everyone out there! 

Browse through our website and find the one the speaks to you.

Everything is 10% off and FREE shipping for orders over $100. 

Don't miss out on this sale!

Use discount code: LEAPYEAR on the check out page. 

The sale ends in 5 days!







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