The Magic of the Hat

There is that moment when you find the perfect hat, when you put it on it is like magic.  It fits perfectly and expresses exactly what you want, maybe it is subtle or maybe it showing just enough flair to complete a look you are going for.  Have you felt that magic moment?

Hats serve many purposes.  An essential purpose is protecting us from the elements.  A hat can keep the sun off your face, a winter cap keeps your head warm and I appreciate this type of wear the most as it reminds me I am fortunate to be warm on a cold winter day or to have the shade of the brim for my face.  There are days the hat literally saves you from the elements.  This in itself is a beautiful kind of magic.  The magic of being appreciative that you can be comfortable.

I think the magic is not so much in the hat itself, but the feeling wearing it provides.  I can step outside myself and be a little bit more outgoing.  It is almost like I can envision myself in a different light depending on what hat I am wearing.  I want to be a bit more steampunk today, my Dante Top Hat comes out and I have already started to embrace where the fantasy of the day will take me.  Feeling adventurous, out comes my Crusher Cowboy Hat.  When I envision adventures of floating down a river or hiking a trail this hat automatically comes to mind.  I love adventure and well I want a hat to join me in those endeavors.  I will hopefully live to an old age and be able to look at a hat and say if you could talk the stories you would tell. 

What magic has your hat brought you?  Have you found that perfect hat that was made for you?  I hope that you have and each time you put it on you can feel the joy that the magic of the hat provides.  In reality the magic is in you and the hat is just a tool that helps you remember to pull the magic of the world into you and let your imagination come alive. 

Go into the week full of love, kindness, and grace. 

Charity Malabad

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