The People Behind those Hattast-ique Faces!

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Our small family business is run by amazing people, okay I might be biased as they are my family and I love them all, but I think you should keep reading so you know the wonderful people behind the business!

It is best to start with the woman who inspires and leads us all, Lisa.  Lisa is a positive and wonderful person.  She will make you see reason, but still loves the fantasy and the dreamer in all of us.  While she is an entrepreneur and a business woman, family is very important to her and can be seen by her fierce and deep love for her children and grandchildren.  She is a woman I very much respect.  If I envision a woman of today being Rosie The Riveter, it would be Lisa.  Beautiful, strong, capable and isn’t going to take sh*&.

The next of our crew would be Luke.  Air Force Veteran and master of the road.  I can not even recall the amount of times this man has driven across the country for me and my family.  He has helped me when my husband has been deployed and would be there in a second if I needed him.  He brings such a playful chaos to his grandchildren when they are together, it’s amazing to watch.  I love being around him and know that his genuine attitude is what keeps people coming back for more.

Zack, their youngest boy, has a genuine smile and it matches his genuine heart.  He is an artist at conversation and just shines when interacting with people.  He loves making a connection with our customers and truly enjoys what he does.  I am sure he must carry some worries, but from the outside looking in Zack is one of the most carefree souls I have ever met.  It is calming to be around him and I think that is very much one of his gifts.

Amanda has grown from a shy girl into a confident woman.  She has a beautiful and creative soul and it can be seen in every aspect of who she is.  She is the artist of our crew and captures each moment perfectly.  She feels the world around her and sees so much beauty where some of us are so disconnected or distracted we might miss it.  She is kind and gentle and is a natural with children, they seem to flock to her.  

I am also one of the faces of Hattast-ique.  I love all things that have to do with science and animals.  I am learning about my creative side, which I would not say is my natural side.  I am the wife of a Marine and I am raising two girls.  My biggest hope is that my girls turn out to be fierce warriors like their grandmas, aunts, and mother and that I get to spend at least 50 years with my husband (hopefully he doesn’t get scared and run after reading that).


We all have are strengths and weaknesses here at Hattast-ique, but it is our strengths and weaknesses that make it a whole business.  I am methodical and practical, but sometimes that needs to be shoved out the window by the beautiful creative one and vice versa.  We make it work and we each bring something unique and beautiful that our customers can enjoy and we hope that you do. 

Charity Malabad

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  • Jo Weaver on

    A great message of family enjoying what they like to do!! Makes you strong in love for each other!!

  • Shar Palmer on

    Y’all are so Blessed and lucky to have such a loving and caring family.We love All the cool items you have. Y’all Rock Outloud Thank you

  • Syl on

    So happy for you all!! The sky is the limit. Love and miss yas

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