The Seasons of Hattast-ique

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As go the cycles of the year, we too move through our own seasons with Hattast-ique. There is a travel season, a home season and a slow season. We go with the flow and follow the path ahead of us.
For we are all in this together. 
The road stretches out for miles, as we leave the comfort of our home. We are off before the sun has risen, waiting for the warmth of the day after a chilled desert night. As it begins to rise, the sky is filled with bright, warm colors, filling our hearts with confidence that everything is going according to plan. What lays ahead is the unknown, with a plan to get us right where we want to be.
This road is complete with ups and downs and hairpin curves along the way. There is always road work and traffic jams. There are flat tires and check engine lights. And every few hours, there are pit stops for fuel. We do what we can to prepare but there are always unseen obstacles that pop up out of nowhere. And though we plan to be somewhere by the end of the day, we often find ourselves exactly there, nowhere. And though unexpected, nowhere is where we find all the best hidden qualities within ourselves.  
When you have built a life of living on the road, you learn tough but necessary  lessons. Nothing goes according to plan. You have to wing it most of the time. You have to learn from your mistakes. And you have to trust in the unknown. Team work is the most important lesson to learn because you don't want to do this kind of life alone. And you wouldn't want to do it with anyone other than that person right beside you. You have to learn to compromise. You have to learn to truly listen to the other person. And sometimes you have to listen with more than your ears. You have to study each other; learn what makes the other tick. In these lessons, this is where we find love, cooperation, and the unstoppable force of teamwork. 
As the seasons change and we move from travel to home, we find rest. We recuperate from the long days on the road. We simply stop and enjoy the passing of time. You have to understand, when you are racing from event to event, from road trip after road trip, time flies by. It may not always seem this way but when you're finally home and time slows down, there is something beautiful and refreshing about allowing time to just pass by. It is in these moments we find the love for our home. Family from all over come to visit. We enjoy the company of friends. We share in the experience of connecting to each other.
When we hit the slow season of Hattast-ique, we still find ways to keep busy. We book more local events, because we don't want to travel far from home during this time of year. We enjoy the smaller shows that are easy to set up and break down. This gives us the freedom to visualize the coming year. We research new ideas to keep us always pushing forward. This is where we set new goals for the future we are bring about together.
This is truly where the magic begins.
(All images taken by Malabad Images
Wow, what a year we have had so far. We are so grateful for the adventures that fill our lives. We are grateful for every single person who crosses our path and brings something new and exciting to us. We certainly could not do this alone. We wouldn't be who we are as Hattast-ique if we didn't have our amazing customers who follow us on social media and who look for us when you come back to events year after year.
You are the reason we do this. Thank you! 
Have a wonderful and perfectly topped off kind of day!
Amanda Malabad 

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