The World of Steampunk

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If you know anything about Hattast-ique, you know we love steampunk. It is the main fashion style we tend to focus on. Whether you are aware of it or not, you can find steampunk anywhere you look. There is a mystery to it; a subtle way of hiding in plain sight that becomes easy to notice when you know what you are looking for.

On our travels, we typically find two different kinds of people. The ones who know everything about steampunk culture- they name off movies, books, events to attend and everything they own that has to do with this trend- and then there are the ones who ask...

"What in the world is steampunk?" 

Of course the easiest answer to give is that Steampunk is a mix of Victorian era fashion and science fiction lore. Steampunk is inspired by science fiction but doesn't necessarily live there. It is a creative expression of art that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery. Along those lines, we find movies like Wild Wild West, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and even iconic classics like Buck Rogers. You can find steampunk in classic literature and modern video games. It tends to be hidden around us in ways we never thought to explore. 

Steampunk has grown over the last couple decades from less than a cult following to now being an iconic piece of culture throughout the world. There are entire towns dedicated to Steampunk through cosplay and permanent art structures as well as numerous cons, gatherings and events. These are avenues we wish to explore and hopefully soon, you will be able to find us at some of these locations.

As Hattast-ique continues to explore what steampunk means to us individually, we are beginning to see the unique ways we express the creativity and freedom that it inspires. 

May you find what inspires you to live a life of extraordinary adventures! 

And may you always be perfectly topped off!

Amanda Malabad 








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  • Shar Palmer on

    Hi there We are so Blessed and excited to have found out and learned so much about steampunk.Mick and I have always been the type that don’t play well with others and tend to do our own thing and have our own style. Well thanks to you all The Steam Punk Style has come to our house and in our lives in a Big Way.Thank you for embracing The Biker Community with this style.We love it

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