Veil-ique: The Exquisite Part of Hattast-ique

perfectlytoppedoff veils wedding

There's something magnificent about weddings.  It's the same wondrous feeling we seek with Hattast-ique.  Simply put, it's the knowledge that this one thing, this one day, will make someone incredibly happy; and that happiness could change their whole life for the better. A few years back, we started a company known as Veil-ique.  The idea was simple, and very much in line with Hattast-ique.  Let's provide quality, custom bridal veils at reasonable prices. 

Too many brides have gone without veils due, in part, to the very high cost of designer veils. Naturally, we expanded our inventory and covered everything from high class tiaras and bridal veils to theme wedding accessories like wrapped copper and steel earpieces with inlaid jewels.  After three years of running these businesses separately, we have decided to marry (see what I did there?) our two businesses.  Hattast-ique will now offer exquisitely beautiful veils and Veil-ique will finally have the opportunity to travel the world with us!  Ah, happy days indeed, folks!  Very shortly, you will start seeing a new part of Hattast-ique, call it the romanticism behind our inspiration.  We will offer all of our products online at      as well as carrying some stock with us at shows. 

We will do everything we can to bring to you the joy we feel in creating these one-of-a-kind veils and headpieces and make them easily accessible! In short, good things are coming from the merging (see marrying) of our two companies and your invited to join us on the road!






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