Watsonville California: The American Hat Makers

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Here in a few weeks we will be hitting the road again with back to back shows.  In order to prepare for a busy month on the road we needed more hats!  So Zack and I set off to Watsonville, California to the American Hat Makers warehouse.

The American Hat Makers, formally known as Head'n Home, create the best quality handmade hats in the country!  We were first introduced to Head'n Home at the 75th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2015.  We immediately fell in love with the quality and uniqueness of their hats.  And after that Sturgis event, The American Hat Makers became our main top hat supplier.

The American Hat Makers have different brands under their name.  Their most popular brands are Voodoo Hatter and Steampunk Hatter.  They also have Double G, American Outback, Ashbury, and Solair.  We do our best to pick the finest hats from each brand and to find the perfect person to match that hat! 

The 10 hour drive from Kingman, Arizona to Santa Cruz, California was nothing short of incredible!  Going from an already beautiful desert scene to the breath taking views of the Pacific ocean; we could not stop admiring what was always in front of us.  We stayed at a decent motel that was a ten minute walk from the Santa Cruz boardwalk.  As soon as Zack and I checked in and brought our bags to the room, we were off to the beach.  There's just something about seeing the ocean stretch all the way across the horizon until it touches the skyline that makes you take a big breath in and exhale everything that doesn't really matter. And that is exactly what we did.  After getting our fill of of walking the beach and soaking up the view, we grabbed a beer and a burger and enjoyed each other's company.

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early.  We drove 20 minutes to Watsonville to take a tour of our favorite hat maker's warehouse.  Everyone at the Head'n Home company was amazing!  They treated us so kindly, like we were a part of their family.  We saw how each hat is thoughtfully made with precision and care.  After the tour Zack and I picked 52 of our favorite top hats and western hats to take home with us and to share with you!

It was extremely refreshing to take a little three day business vacation.  To jump in the truck and drive to the shoreline, is an adventure I would take any time we need to buy more hats for all of you!  


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