We Will Rise From Tragedy


As I read the news this morning while having coffee, I can’t help but feel so sad for Las Vegas.  All I can think is we will rise and stand as a nation after the senseless violence of this past Sunday night in Las Vegas that has left over 50 dead and hundreds injured. I just can’t fathom what causes someone to do this.  To live with this much hate for people that you don’t even know, I can’t even begin to comprehend it. 

My heart breaks a little each time I turn on the news to see such tragedy.  It also hits a little close to home.  Seeing a loved one in a hospital bed after being shot by someone that just went on a rampage is a very scary moment.  You are so thankful they are alive and that they weren’t taken, but as you wait in the waiting room your heart breaks for the family of those that were not as fortunate as you are at the moment.  Thanking God it was not you that just received that awful news about your brother, sister, daughter, son, husband or wife.  Then your heart hurts in a whole new way for humanity and you just can’t see why, you may never understand. 

We have seen so many shootings in the past years and each time it is like the first time.  It brings up memories of each previous shooting and fears of when will it happen next.  I can’t even imagine what survivors of this shooting and previous shootings must feel like or the families of victims that these acts claim.  My heart yearns to hug each person I see a little tighter and spread kindness to those I see.  We never know when that last moment might be and it reminds me to cherish everything I have and all the people that I love.  I think that is really the best thing I can take from these situations. 

With all this the human spirit of joy and kindness will triumph.  It is moments like these that we can pull together as a nation and surround each other with love. We can stand and continue our lives and say we will not be intimidated by these acts.  We will continue to be strong and will not give in to these people who want us to hide in fear.  We can’t change what happened, but we can continue to strive to treat each other with love and kindness.  It won’t cure the world of violence and hate, but we can’t give up on doing our best to strive for those things to triumph.  So today when you are walking down the street smile at a stranger, open the door for someone and say hi.  Genuinely ask how your co-worker is doing.  Take a moment to offer a positive human interaction with someone.  It might make a world of difference in their lives. 

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